The Weathered Heads

“The Weathered Heads offer a seamless blend of unpretentious rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, jam, soul, and pop. While six members mayseem superfluous to some, it is certainly not where these guys are concerned. You will find no frivolous use of the tambourine or sexy background singer eye candy here. Each member brings a unique piece and critical function to the group and they’re somehow all doing something that gets noticed. Whether it be Woggon’s keyboard mastery, Andy Bauer’s soulful grooves, Bullard’s scorchers, Nick Novotny’s commanding back beat, Birdsall’s reinforcing sax riffs, or Craig Weatherhead’s adept songwriting and musicianship—you’ll be drawn from one to the next at different points in the show. It’s basically like how the Power Rangers were pretty tough individually, but you knew they were going to be way better when they teamed up and became Megazord.” – Todd Hanson, The Noisy Neighbor

“The band have been a favorite at Ed’s No Name Bar in Winona, known for bringing large crowds and an explosion of energy to each show. With the band’s grooves, brotherly banter, and an occasional beard stroke from bass player Andy Bauer, the group are as entertaining to watch as they are engaging to hear.”

Anna Segner
Local Current Blogger, 89.3 The Current

“With a sound that exudes sincerity, The Weathered Heads have a classic feel with just the right amount of creative edge that makes them familiar yet unique. Folk, soul, rock n roll, this band hits the nail on the head of each of these genres, effortlessly blending them or expressing them in their purest forms. Craig’s crisp voice dances above the band’s tight playing and fantastic instrumentation, and always gets the crowd on the floor, with even the most critical club goers bobbing their heads in approval. Whenever they approach me to book a gig, my answer is always, emphatically, ‘hell yeah!’.”

Ed Hoffman
Owner and Manager, Eds (no name) Bar

“The Weathered Heads are one of the hardest working bands in the area. They always work to ensure there is a healthy crowd at all of their shows. They are passionate about what they do and it shows.”

Sam Brown
Founder, Midwest Music Fest